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This course is eclectic; rather than diving deep into any one topic, many are explored to give a broad sense of this enormous and diverse field of science! This course contains content and skills that will be useful in DP Biology but also allow you to appreciate living things at all levels, from microscopic to terrestrial. 
The course is split up into 3 units, each studying concepts from small scale to large scale.

Each unit is built from the new Cambridge IGCSE learning outcomes. At the school I teach, this is taught as a trimester along with Physics and Chemistry so the entire iGCSE Biology curriculum is not included. 

I made these lessons using my iPad and GoodNotes and decided to draw EVERYTHING! While time consuming, it is truly so fun for me and hopefully by creating artistic and intricate resources for them, they will be more taken in my the beauty and art of biology!


[ Unit 1 ]
 Introduction to the Human Body


[ Unit 2 ]
Genetics and Evolution


[ Unit 3 ]
 Ecology and Conservation

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