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Useful Websites

Molecular 3D Viewers


MolView is a free online tool you can use to visualise and explore the 3D structures of different molecules. MolView allows you to search a database of over 50 000 molecules and view their structures in 3D.


Biotopics - Jsmol

Website uses ready-made models from Jmol. Select whatever molecule you wish to view and you'll be able to rotate it in 3-D as well as being provided some information about the molecule



Collaborative and free 3D-encyclopedia of proteins & other biomolecules (think Wiki but for biomolecules) Search for whatever you want and follow-along the article and links to get a better understanding


Protein Data Bank

Protein Data Bank is a massive collection of 3-D models and information on molecules.

1-Molecular 3D Viewers

Online Simulators


A collection of interactive simulators in various disciplines.


A collection of simulators which allows you to select variables and simulate outcomes.



A massive collection of interactive simulations. Just search what you are looking for using keywords and filters.

2-Online Simulators

Research Tools


The ultimate website which let's you bypass costly paywalls to read and download scientific literature for free!

  1. Go to Google Scholar

  2. Using keywords, find the journal article you want to read

  3. Copy the URL of the article

  4. Paste it into Sci Hub where it says "enter reference"

*if this doesn't work you can also search Sci-Hub for titles, authors, etc.

Citation Machine

In Biology, it is preferred you cite not using MLA or APA but in scientific format. Ideally, most of your references (if not all) for your IA and EE should be coming from scientific peer-reviewed journals

  1. Copy the DOI of the journal you are citing

  2. Paste it into search bar and follow the steps

  3. Ccopy the generated citation and paste it into your own document for safe-keeping. 

*Do this as you go not at the very end to save you a huge headache.

3-Research Tools

Additional Learning Resources for new IB Biology

4-Additional Learning Resources for new IB Biology

IB Biosone

Excellent resources for both teachers and students including lesson slides, guides and more!
New curriculum b
eing added.

Biology for life

Excellent resources for both teachers and students including lesson slides, quizlets, guides and more!
New curriculum b
eing added.


Comprehensive website for all things IB Biology. New curriculum being added.

The Roaming Scientist

Awesome blog related to teaching and learning with many posts concerning IB Biology.

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